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one of the toughest days in the city's history. >> it is with deep, deep sadness that i stand before you this evening to talk about the death of my two officers. >> reporter: those two officers, 2-year veteran loran baker and elizabeth butler. >> i've known both of these officers for a long, long time. and there just aren't words to describe how i feel personally about this, and how my department is reacting. >> reporter: according to reports, they were investigating a sexual assault case this afternoon. at some point, they got into a fight with the suspect, jeremy gulet. shots were fired and both officers were hit. minutes later, police officers found goulet on another street and goulet was killed. her city is in deep mourning.
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>> it has rocked our community to our absolute foundation. >> reporter: chief vogel says his primary concern right now is making sure his officers get the support they need during this difficult time. >> this is the darkest day in the history of the santa cruz police department. >> reporter: and we're learning sergeant butch baker was very close to retiring -- three daughters and a son who also worked for santa cruz pd. -- is survived by her partner. her family just shared this photo with us, e-mailing it to the newsroom just a short time ago. we're life in santa cruz with the latest, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> okay, george, thank you. more details now on that suspect. jeremy goulet is 35 years old. reportedly in 2008, goulet was found guilty in portland, oregon of peeping at a woman as she showered. just this last friday the santa
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cruz sentinel says goulet was arrested by the santa cruz police for disorderly conduct. an employee of a local coffee shop told the paper goulet was fired saturday from his job as a barrista after he broke into a coworker's house friday night and tried to sexual assault her. as for that gunfight itself, it was in the middle of a quiet neighborhood surrounded by several preschools, and we do have that exclusive video. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney continues our coverage. terry? >> reporter: that video comes to us from a man by the name of thomas todd. he came home this afternoon as he does every day from work. but today the tragic events unfolded on his doorstep. first there were sirens and then lots of cops and then lots of gunfire. thomas todd had arrived home about an hour before he recorded this video. he had heard something like it earlier, but wasn't certain what it was. it turned out to be the shots that fatally wounded the two officers. and suddenly police swarmed his street. he was still not allowed to
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leave his house as of 9:00 tonight, so we spoke to him via facetime. >> the cars in the middle of the street, a coupe of officers behind each car. and then there were i think two to four officers positioned in front of the apartment complex with their guns aimed into the complex. >> and then what happened? [ gunshots ] >> it sounded like the fourth of july. you know, it's about six or seven seconds of i guess about 70 to 80 gunshots, and then everything went quiet. and then a bunch of police officers were just yelling and trying to coordinate positions. >> reporter: not far away, this scene unfolded. the santa cruz unified school district says the branson 40 small and middle schools went into lockdown. students were eventually put on a city bus and taken to a location for parents the pick them up. it's a day they will never forget. it's also a day thomas todd will never forget. >> it was one of the most intense experiences of my life, and all i did was try to stay
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calm and let the police handle it. i just couldn't believe something like this would happen on my front porch. >> reporter: we're back out here. you're looking live at a picture of the memorial that has been growing as the night has again on right in front of the santa cruz police department, flowers, candles, and a note saying we love you, santa cruz police. people by themselves, sometimes couples coming up, walking up as if they're in church, very quiet and extremely respectful. as for thomas todd, i spoke to him about 15 minutes ago. and he says about 9:30 tonight he was finally talked to by santa cruz police and allowed to go out. live at the santa cruz police department, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> it is a difficult night for many people. thank you. ironically, this deadly shoot-out coincided with a rally against gun violence in santa cruz this afternoon. the demonstration followed a move by the county board of supervisors to approve new stricter regulations on local
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gun shops. our coverage of the story continues online on our website, we posted videos and new details from the briefing. in pleasanton tonight, police are trying to identify a body found at the city dump. an employee found a man's body while sifting through cardboard recyclables at the pleasanton transfer station. the cause of death is not yet known, but right now they're saying it may have been the result of an accident. and some very good news tonight for the friends and family of a east bay couple. the couple was believed to be missing in peru, but it turns out they're just find. garrett hand and jamie neal have been chronicling their south american bicycle adventure on facebook, but on january 25th, their online posts and bank activity suddenly stopped. today neal's sister got a call from the u.s. embassy in peru telling her the couple was recently spotted in remote village headed for ecuador. to the vatican now, where it is friday morning, and pope benedict xvi is preparing to say farewell to a -- excuse me,
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where it is wednesday morning. here is a live look. the pontiff will ride in his pope-mobile through the crowds in st. peters square before addrsing the crowd. this will be his last public speech before his resignation becomes official on thursday. $6 million for a grand opening bay bridge party. we'll see if it happens tomorrow. live pictures now of the bridge -- at least the approach to the bridge. the bay bridge toll authority will vote tomorrow on whether to use $5.6 million in toll money to pay for public safety and public access during the planned celebration of the new eastern span. that new span will open on labor day weekend. private funding still needs to be raised to bring a spectacular fireworks show to the bay bridge for its grand opening. >> if they take that action, then i think that labor day weekend we'll at least have a walk across the bridge. it will have a run and a bike ride. the fireworks display and other features are always going to be subject to the ability to raise private funds to do so at this time. >> a spokeswoman for the fundraising company hired to
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raise about $5 million says $1.5 million in private funding has been raised to this point. a brewing controversy may land the king of beers in court. a bay area attorney says anheuser-busch is watering down budweiser, and he wants a court order to restore the recipe. jean elle joins us from larkspur this evening. jean, this is an american icon. >> it is, raj. and this marin county attorney believes anheuser-busch is watering down budweiser, which is reducing the alcohol content in each can of beer. while this lawsuit place out in court, people who make beer here in the bay area say it's hard to believe anheuser-busch would mess with success. the bay area loves beer. >> new beers coming up every day. >> brendan has been brewing award winning brew for 24 years. he says beer lovers have a sensitive palette. >> you don't want to mess with your good beers. >> reporter: a marin county
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attorney says anheuser-busch is messing with the king of beers, claiming the beverage giant is watering down budweiser to stretch the product which is reducing the alcohol content. >> deliberately adding water to bring the levels down. and they're bringing it down below what is stated on the labels. and that's the basis of our lawsuit. >> reporter: josh boxer filed a class action lawsuit. he says former anheuser-busch employees say budweiser, bud light platinum, king cobra and others are watered down. >> what is on the label should reflect what is in the can. >> reporter: anheuser-busch says the claims are completely false, and the lawsuits are groundless. our beers are in full compliance with labeling laws. back at the brewing company, moylan says the dispute should be settled with a few beers. >> that should be easy to prove. if it's supposed to come up within a certain degree of 5 and you got 0.3 to work with on either side. >> reporter: lab work that may come out in court if this class action lawsuit goes to trial.
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now our marin county attorney is hoping for a jury trial. and he is hoping to secure damages for budweiser drinkers. reporting live in larkspur, jean elle, nbc news. the investigative unit exposed a broken restaurant inspection system in the silicon valley. now we uncover popular restaurants across the bay area keeping their health code violations a secret. >> i'm not sure where the copy is right now. >> we'll show you what our hidden camera investigation reveals. also, the warriors get fighting mad against the indiana pacers. the fallout from tonight's brawl. and we'll continue our coverage of our developing story tonight. two santa cruz police officers killed in the line of duty. we're back in a moment.
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it's an investigation that keeps getting bigger. first we uncovered a restaurant inspection system that isn't working in the silicon valley. now investigative reporter jenna susko reveals health inspection programs throughout the bay area that have problems with enforcement. she joins us with her undercover investigation. jenna? >> reporter: raj, having a score in the window forces restaurants to clean up, because most customers who see a low score probably won't eat there. in santa clara county, we know what to expect -- nothing. they don't grade restaurants. but what about san mateo and san francisco? both score restaurants and require inspections be visibly posted. so we went undercover and found just because it's the rule doesn't mean it's being followed. at the busy cafe baroni in menlo
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park, there are plenty of menu choices. but something is missing. that's because we asked to see their inspection report. san mateo county requires restaurants post it in plain view. >> i'm not sure where the copy is right now. >> reporter: it's mysteriously missing, but would have shown us how the restaurant scored, excellent, good, fair, or poor. less than 3% of restaurants in san mateo county scored poor last year. cafe borrone is one of them. >> that's was the only thing we got docked for was the food handler safety cards. >> reporter: but records show it was cited for major violations that may cause the food borne illness, important information we found restaurants across san mateo county keeping from you. we visited 25 restaurants with hidden cameras, looking for their inspection reports. >> thank you. >> the raw sugar.
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>> reporter: oh. that's just a permit. others had blank reports. you can't see anything on it. and at firehouse, employees didn't know what county we were in. >> we are in santa clara county. >> reporter: which may be also why they didn't know the rules. they said we had to show id to see the report, which they didn't have. >> you we have to have identification to see your health inspection? >> reporter: this chuck e. cheese had it up, but look closely. >> it's old. >> reporter: it's from 2009. and you can't see the score. he says the inspector was there recently. >> and we saw her a month and a half ago. >> reporter: a month and a half ago? how did you do? >> excellent. >> reporter: but records show it received a fair for multiple violations. are you supposed to hang it up? >> kind of yes and no. never tell me to, because she is supposed to tell me. >> reporter: out of 25
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restaurants, only one had the current report in plain view. so what is the plenty for not posting it? there isn't one. do you think the system is working right now? >> i think that we have several tools for communicating inspection results to the public. >> reporter: we showed antoinette manns of san mateo county's environmental health department some of our video. is what you just saw acceptable to you? >> i think the important thing to remember is that there is always that additional education that we can do with the restaurants. >> reporter: do you think this are things that maybe the county could do to make sure that restaurants are in compliance and to bring them all up to the standard that you have here? >> i think the important thing is to remember that we as public health professionals go into a restaurant to ensure that they are complying with those laws and regulations. >> reporter: we also went to 25
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restaurants in san francisco, where inspection reports are required to be up and easy to spot. but we found it's a game of hide-and-seek. >> here it is. >> reporter: like here where it was behind the wine. >> thanks. >> reporter: and above the door at taco in the marina. >> can't even see that. >> reporter: at laurie's diner, we found it behind a plant. >> that was a year ago. >> reporter: and other places, well -- >> probably in the office. >> upstairs, i think. >> we have it like in the kitchen. >> i think there is a lot of misinformation. >> reporter: richard lee is in charge of san francisco's inspection system. why do you think so many restaurants are complying? >> i don't think it's a priority for them. or if they have a bad score, it's not something that they necessarily want the customers to come see. >> reporter: lee says they're docked a point for not having the report up. you see, san francisco has a point system. inspectors score restaurants from 1 to 100 in detailed easy
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to access information is posted on the county website. we found last year less than 8% of restaurants scored below 80. balboa cafe in the marina received an 81. but customers walking in wouldn't know that. >> as long as it's available to guests to read, it doesn't have to be in public view. we have to keepette up for a certain amount of days after that evaluation. >> and then you can take it down? >> as long as it's accessible to guests. >> the person who said they can take it down after a few days, that is totally incorrect. >> reporter: that was the manager. >> that's totally incorrect. >> reporter: we did find some restaurants with good scores posting this. it's an easy to read scorecard the county created to simplify inspection information for customers so you don't have to review a two-page report. but -- >> the inspection report is required to be posted, but not the placard. >> reporter: do you think if it was required, it would improve the system? >> i think it would improve public information.
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it would be easier for i think the general public to understand. that's probably more useful to them than looking at the inspection report. >> reporter: that's up to the board of providers to decide. until then, it appears restaurants will decide what information they want you to see. we contacted all the restaurants mentioned. most said they will post the inspection report in a visible spot. however, umamiburger in san francisco has not responded to our requests for comment. and cafe borroni said they were told they don't have post the report. san mateo county says that's against policy and are looking into the claim. >> thank you. if you is a a tip for anyone in our investigative unit, give us a call, 88-996-tips or send an e-mail directly to let's turn our attention to our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri who was walking the red carpet earlier tonight.
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welcome back to the studio. >> thank you so much. it was so hard to leave the red carpet. a lot of fun at the sinequest. 38 in nap pal. and san jose currently at 49. live sky camera network has clear skies down in the home of the cinequest festival. the mid part of the screen unlimited visibility across the south bay. also in san francisco we do have fog-free conditions and not expecting any kind of fog event for tomorrow. so let's get you into the current temperatures and what they're going to mean here as we head into tomorrow morning. we're going to see numbers starting off in the upper 30s for santa rosa. 38 in san rafael. also 35 in napa. 40 in san jose. and 39 in the almaden valley. by tomorrow afternoon, numbers are going to be going up, even getting a little warmer for some of you. gilroy expecting 70. 67 in los gatos. close to 70 in san jose and 69
11:19 pm
in sunnyvale. for the east bay, temperatures also in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees here for a lot of the tri-valley. 69 in dublin. 67 in pleasanton. 67 in the castro valley. and we do think we'll get very close, if not hit 70 degrees in fairfield. we'll also see a few 70s right up into wine country. napa expecting 71. santa rosa 70. san rafael 70. and cooler at the coast. if you're headed to bodega bay or half moon bay 59 to 67. we were at the cinequest film festival. it's going to be happening for the next 13 days. if you want to head out there and you're going to tomorrow, let's say, clear skies and temperatures in the upper 50s throughout the evening hours. now this is a very huge event, 44 countries represented. 600 plus visiting film artists. you can check out the full lineup at we met jesselynn. she is on "glee." as we look at that forecast,
11:20 pm
sunny skies all the way through friday with temperatures in the mid-70s. by this upcoming weekend, we also keep sunny skies and low 70s. and rain-free conditions, unfortunately, until about next tuesday. might get a few showers in there. a lot of fun today. here we are back this the studio. this is fun too, you know. >> just regular boring me. >> you're a lot of fun. >> thanks, jeff. coming up, boeing has new hope tonight. what could get its dreamliner jets off the ground soon. and tempers flare at the warriors game tonight. we're going to take you there.
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the nightmare might be over for the dreamliner. boeing's 787 could be back in the air as early as next week for test flights. the faa says that would allow the airliner to make fixes to its batteries before an international probe into what caused batteries to burn last month aboard a pair of 787s. boeing would conduct can its test flights under special conditions, including that the planes fly over unpopulated areas. most airlines have grounded
11:23 pm
their 787 fleet, including all nippon airways, which flies nonstop from san jose to tokyo. when we return, the brawl at the warriors game, and the thrilling ending at the shark tank tonight. stay with us. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way.
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good evening. i'm dave feldman in the comcast sportsnet studios. it wasn't exactly the malice at the palace. but they packed the punch. warriors and indianapolis. pacers up 12, and david west knocks down the jumper. indiana on a 13-0 run. fourth quarter, curry, hits the three. this is good, a season high 3. pacers lead cut to 6. seven minutes last. makes the bucket and the foul. indiana up ten. things get chippie shortly after that. david lee and roy hibert start shoving each other. other players get involved.
11:26 pm
it's a near melee with six technicals handed out, two to roy hibert, who was ejected. the warriors lose, 108-97. >> teams are gearing up for the play-off basketball, and amping up the intensity a little bit. and it's going to happen. but it's healthy just to not back down, be physical. you know, not like to see that tussle happen. >> i don't want to start anything with somebody who is smaller than me. somebody my size, you know, we'll talk it out like men. but i don't take pride in tossing the little guy to the side. avs and sharks. raj mathai taking a time off to root on the home team. james shepherd, no-look pass to tj galiardi. mark alberg, the game-tying
11:27 pm
goal. it's 2-2. heading into overtime and then a shoot-out. patrick marleau, five hole off semyon varlamov. a save wins it for the shark. and niemi stops mitchell. the sharks win, 3-2. and one last note, tim lincecum struggled in his first start of the spring, giving up three runs on four hits in 1 1/3 innings. i'm dave feldman.
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and there just aren't words to describe how i feel personally about this and how my department is reacting. >> late tonight that was santa cruz police chief kevin vogel. he spoke about his two officers killed in the line of duty by a lone gunman. 28-year-old veteran sergeant loran "butch" baker, a long-time friend of the chief and 10-year-old veteran detective elizabeth butler. the suspect has been identified
11:30 pm
as 35-year-old jeremy goulet. there are reports the officers were investigating a sexual assault case this afternoon when they got into the fight with goulet. shots were fired, and both officers were hit. goulet was killed a short time later in a separate shoot-out. we invite you to stay with us here at nbc bay area news and our website for continuing coverage of this developing story. with that we say good night. well hope you enjoy your day tomorrow. thanks for joining us.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band.
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tonight, jay welcomes -- colin farrell, supermodel naomi campbell, the music of boz scaggs and "headlines." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much! welcome to "the tonight show."
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nice to have you here. folks, listen to this. got an exciting story. researchers in germany now say that human longevity has improved so rapidly over the past century that 72 is the new 30. [ laughter ] no, they say the way we are aging, an 86-year-old today could live another 40 years. to which hugh hefner's new wife went, "no! no!" [ laughter ] wow. how about -- [ cheers and applause ] so, 72 is the new 30, which is bad news for parents. you'll never get the kids out of the house now. [ laughter ] "dad, i'm only 50. that's, like, 17." [ laughter ] do you believe any of that? longevity has improved so rapidly, 72 is the new 30? please. who's 72 and still thinks they're 30? okay, besides jack nicholson. who -- besides jack nicholson. [ laughter ] did you see jack nicholson

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